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How to get the writing started again…-ish



My writing has been on vacation for a while now. At first I thought this was just my novel writing, but as some of you may have noticed since I posted When the Writing Stops, I’ve stopped my reviews as well.

It isn’t as if I don’t have plenty to post either; I have a massive list of films I’ve seen recently. Most of them were the Oscar contenders, but I just haven’t got around to talking about them yet. I have pretty much just been procrastinating from my writing by playing video games instead.

However, the writing has started up again. Sort of. Technically what I’m doing is editing an existing book, in the hope that if I tidy it up a bit, I might be able to get my head around what I want to do in its sequel.

And it does seem to be working, and it is because of that great bit of advice when you are stuck with your writing.

Try Writing Something Else!

Admittedly I’m already doing this; the books I am working on at the minute I’m doing because I can’t get a book I’ve been working on for nearly a decade to work. It is so frustrating that it has happened again.

I think I mentioned the Importance of Erna, in When the Writing Stops. Honestly, it is an appalling idea; utter rubbish. It was so bad that my brain suddenly spewed out the solution to my writing problems rather than be forced to continue working on drivel.

So here is my advice, take one of your bad ideas and try and write it. Hopefully what will happen next is that that the better idea you were already working on before will work itself out in the meanwhile.