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Hi ,

My name is Katherine Brown (that’s me in the photo waving or falling over, it depends entirely on how you interpret it) and A Young Writer’s Notebook is about my writing. It is about what influences inspire me,  the experience I have with writing and observations about life generally, especially films and books.

I have two main themes on my blog: Writing and Young Writer’s Review.

My Writing sections include my blog series ‘The Key to a Great Story‘, where wrote about what to consider when creating a story from the ground up. My most recent blog series was ‘Book (Re)Writing’ where I talked about the rather painful process I went through in realizing I’d gone a bit wrong with my book.

My Young Writer’s Review section, is my collection of book and film/tv reviews. I have a special section dedicated to my love of fantasy books . Being a proper geek though, I also have dedicated pages for some of my favourite things, which include Tolkien and Star Wars.

I hope you enjoy! Oh and yeah, I was falling over.

You can also find me here –

Facebook – A Young Writer’s Notebook

Twitter – @kabrown4


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