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Book Review: The Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover



I really love the Revenge of the Sith film, with the exception that I don’t think Padme’s character was particularly well utilised. I didn’t think that the novelisation of the film could be better than the film. I was so wrong.

Stover gets into the heads of the characters at key moments in the plot to explain their thought processes and their actions. It interrupts the plot a little bit, but it brings a depth to Star Wars characters that I’ve never come across before. It isn’t just the plot being played out, it is a character profile that explains why things happen and why characters end up taking the actions that they do.

Also the frustrations that Anakin feels in this story are a lot more prominent. It just doesn’t come across on the screen the feelings of betrayal, confusion and panic he feels. His fall into the Dark Side in the book is played out better than in the film, and it makes a lot more sense.

The other thing I really love as well, is the explanation found in the novelisation as to why the Jedi were so easily defeated, because unlike the Sith they didn’t evolve. This revelation comes from Yodi, who feels regret for keeping the Jedi static and leaving them unprepared for the Sith who have changed over the centuries into something different.

I highly recommend this book; it wraps up the prequel trilogy of novelisations brilliantly. The style of the writing could irritate some people, but this one shows how someone can fall into the Dark Side so easily and why the Jedi lost.

The trilogy of novelisations are so much better than the films; they convey the story that got lost in the green screen better than the films.